LinksManagement Review (2020) : Best Backlinks Services?

LinksManagement Review (2020) : Best Backlinks Services?

No one can deny the importance of backlinks in SEO and finding a high-quality backlink is the most difficult job in the SEO or blogging industry.

LinksManagement is the time saver and the best place to buy backlinks but you might be thinking, is it legit or good to buy backlinks?

Well, you can create backlinks for free but not easy to get backlinks and will waste most of your time and might get frustrated.

As the goal is not to get backlinks but you need to investigate the backlink provider website DA-PA, Page ability to pass link juice, content quality, and a backlink is Do follow or no follow?

You can imagine how much tough is to match all these criteria then after writing content for them and get it reviewed and approved then request for Do-Follow.

Remember if you are working on a low difficulty keyword and already written quality content then your website or blog is ready to rank immediately.

But adding additional backlinks will increase your website authority in search engine ranking and ultimately you can beat the similar content written by other sites.

So how LinksMangement can help you get high-quality backlinks and how LinksManagement works i will explain here in the detailed guide.

Linksmanagement reviews 2020

The best part is if you will sign up the first time then you will also get a $25 bonus for your first deposit of $25.”linksmanagement reviews

Linksmanagement Pros and Cons

Linksmanagement pros and cons

Whats Makes LinksManagement Different From Others?

The current inventory of LinksManagement has more than 1 million websites. We all know very well that to get good quality, we need to pay more. In the same way, High PR backlinks will cost us more as compared to the Low PR backlinks.

Linksmanagement price

Since Google is against buying links but LinksManagement says: “These links look completely natural to Google and stay live as long as you want”.

What is LinksManagement?

LinksManagement is a platform that provides paid backlinks services based on monthly or permanent link placements on high DA-PA websites.

It has a collection of more than 8 million high DA-PA websites based on their DA-PA ranking.

Linksmanagement dashboard

You will be having a choice to filter the types of websites related to your niche based on the page authority, outbound link, and content uniqueness.

All the sites listed with LinksManagement are the real active sites of users like you and me with decent to high organic traffic.

You will be having an option to place an order for Do Follow and No Follow contextual Backlinks.

Well now, if you are curious how this whole process works are the backlinks legit then continue reading, as it is exciting to solve the biggest problem of SEO.

How LinksManagement Works?

LinksManagement is a place where the actual site owner or the publisher and the link buyers come together.

Remember, if you will comment on any site to get backlinks those are mostly No Follow backlinks.

Here in LinksManagement, you will be having an option to get contextual backlinks.

Which means the links in the middle of the content surrounded by the related content, which is the most effective part of SEO.

Linksmanagement works

So here is how LinksManagement works.

Let imagine, i wanted to start selling backlink services for placement on my site Mrvaysidea, then i will register with LinksManagement.

They will review my website and check the quality and list on their website available for backlinks placement if any buyer wants.

Buyers like you filter in LinksManagement and if found my website then can place a backlink order for the monthly or permanent links placement.

Pricing will be based on the DA-PA of the website and the number of the outbound link of the page, which means you are paying for the quality link juice.

That order will come to me and i will create manually Do-Follow backlinks on my site pointing to your site.

This is real and something which Google is looking for, isn’t it something you want to try?

The best part is you will be having a choice to place backlinks for monthly or permanent pricing.

If you bought monthly for DA- 40 and PA-30 and suddenly that site DA-PA reduces then for what you placed order automatically LinksManagement will reduce the prices.

That is the role of LinksManagement, so you are paying for the quality for which you already decided.

I hope now you got clarity on how LinksManagemtn works and how this is a real deal, not a scam.

Now if excited about how to place an order and place search filter in LinksManagement then let me show you step by step.

How to Buy Backlinks in LinksManagement?

Well, now i am going to introduce you to different terminologies which you have to filter and the step by step guide on how to buy backlinks.

The best part is you will get a $25 bonus if you credit $25 first time to the wallet, which you can use for buying backlinks.

Claim $25 special bonus

The first thing you need to do is Sign Up LinksManagement with your email ID and you will be eligible to get $25.

Once you will click to Buy Backlinks link you will be on a page to place a filter for your backlinks need.

Buy backlinks

All these filters will decide the pricing and will get you the list of websites on which you can create backlinks, so let discuss each terminology for your understanding.

Price : There you will be having a choice to place filter for Monthly or Permanent using the radio button checkbox.

If choosing monthly and set price in the edit box in the range of $0.5-$20 then it will list those websites which offering monthly payment backlinks for that range.

SB Rank : This is the real matrix that decides how powerful your backlinks would be as in another term you can think this a factor that passes actual link juice.

It is created with the combination of DA, PA, Trust flow, citation flow of the page, so very crucial and i recommend to always set its value more than 3 as the scale is 1-10.

WebSite Category :   You can place the filter for your niche specific websites, and must set this filter.

As you know, getting backlinks from different than your website niche will not going to get benefits for your website, so find similar niche websites.

URL/Domain Zone :  this filter has two option to choose from either paste your own website URL so it check what is your domain extentnion such as .com,.net etc.

Or select the Domain Zone radio button and choose a domain extension from the dropdown list, so that helps to filter the website which has your chosen domain extension.

DA-PA Filters : This stands for domain authority and Page authority, so you can place the filter in the range of 0-100.

The higher the number the better will be the website quality and remember LinksManageemnt will pull every website DA-PA using the MOZ matrix.

Placement % : This matrix is the deciding factor whether the actual seller or publisher will accept your links or not so better to choose high.

If not accepted then seems you can order with others and you will get a refund for the money, but better to check this with LinksManagement.

Outbound links: Remember if the page on which you are ordering the placement of links has already provided backlinks to many sites then the quality of backlinks will be very low.

So always try to filter the site on which specific page has lower than 5 outbound backlinks from that page so the high-quality link juice will pass to your website.

Hosting Location: Well this matters if you want the backlinks from the specific country hosted websites or not which you can filter if you want else ignore it.

There will be a couple of other filters on getting the sites based on the content language or the keywords etc.

So i hope, now you got an idea of how all these filters are important and using which how you can identify the list of the websites.

Well, i placed one filter to place an order for the natcoffoloud website, where the chosen factors are as shown below.

Linksmanagement filter

Always focus on setting right filters for SB Rank, DA-PA, and maximum outbound links.This is the main factor to filter quality sites and simply hit the search button.

Then down inside the table, you will be having a list of websites that best fit for your filter.

DA: PA filter

Now the table listed all the websites URL, its DA-PA score, and SB rank along with pricing, which you can open in a new window.

I opened all the websites in a new window and checked manually which one looks perfect for my backlink placement and found one as the best fit.


Remember not blindly believe in Linksmanagement filter, focus on the manual review of each website have a scan of its content, check its organic traffic in Ahref or SEMRush.

If you fill, yes this looks perfect then proceed with the placement of the order.Here i decided to go with

If want to pay on monthly basis to test the impact of backlinks on your site then can go with $6.27/month.

And you will be charged every month until you take permanent or requested to remove backlinks, well in between this price can go down if the DA-PA of the site fall.

But if you want to pay one time then the best option is to pay $43.89/lifetime and your link will be there permanently and it will be the responsibility of LinksManagement to monitor that link.

Isn’t it a crazy system to get a fast and quick backlink?

Now to place an order, select the checkbox at the end of the row it will open a side window to provide a couple of entries.

It has these entries to fill in before placing the order.

Add a new Promoted URL: Provide the URL of the post or website for which you want backlink.

Content Before Anchor Text: This is the best part that you can control the sentences around your link so type what you want before your link text.

Anchor Text: Well this is the text to which your website URL will be linked,you must be aware with anchor text which is a blue color link, so provide that.

If I want a backlink to homepage then i should provide brand anchor text Bloggingos or I can provide related keywords like SEO, blogging, etc.

Content After Anchor Text: You can also control the sentences around your link, so type what you want after your link text.

Now Choose the time for which you needed backlinks, permanent or monthly and by default, all backlinks are contextual Do-Follow but if need No Follow then check that box.

Now all are set, simple hit Add to cart and you will be routed to the review window there verify your details, how your backlinks will look like, and hit Buy All.

After placement of the order, wait for the timeline displayed on your active order and once it completed all the details will be shared by LinksManagement.

You can review your backlinks whether places on your requested site or not surrounded by the content and having the same anchor text or not.

So i hope, i answered all the queries and you got another source of how to create backlinks instantly without wasting time and investing that efforts on writing great content.

Free Tools and Bonuses with Links Management

LinksManagement has its own set of tool library which you can use to make your SEO job easier.

LinsManagement Free Bonus 2021

SEO Expert Tool

You will get access to the SEO Expert tool that will take input for you on how many backlinks you want to build.

If you provided a total of 60 backlinks in just a 3-month duration of time then their team will place an order accordingly, based on your budget and time length you choose.

So it is an automated SEO campaign running in the backend and you can approve their backlinks placement order or can set on auto-approval mode.

SEO Cost Calculator

This tool will be very much helpful as it asks for your website URL and a keyword and it calculates how much backlinks you needed to rank in Google.

It will also suggest the sites or DA-PA websites from which you need to make backlinks to make your job easier.

Free SEO Guide

They have prepared a special 101 SEO Tips and Tricks guide and the same you will get for free in the PDF form.

Besides, you know the $25 bonus they are offering for free of cost for the first time login.

Products Offered By LinksManagement:

Linksmanagement tools

The best part that I liked most about LinksManagement is that they offer more value to its customers. As they come up with a few free products that can help you in managing your links in a super easy and extraordinary way.

Let’s find out what free features are being offered by LinksManagement.

  • SEO Expert Tools:

The SEO Expert Tool selects the best backlinks of DA40 DA100 from their inventory or even manages your complete SEO campaign for FREE and that’s quite impressive. You will be going to get this for free when you will get started with LinksManagement Tool.

  • SEO Calculator:

The SEO calculator determines the number of links that you need, your cost and the time you need to appear in the Top 10 of Google for your keywords. You will receive a detailed report based on the complete SEO analysis. And trust me this one is the best feature that I have come across any platforms out there.

  • SEO Mistakes:

This free product can easily save you around $ 11,700 by explaining how to avoid the most damaging, dangerous and costly SEO errors. And the best part is that now you’re going to get this tool for free.  Simply use your time and money to download this report and simply avoid all the mistakes and the risks that can ruin your business

  • The Backlinks Checker Tools:

Now you can discover links and SEO traffic sources of your competitors easily.

It is one of the best Backlink verification tool and SEO software. Using this software anyone can easily monitor the links of your website too. You can easily determine the quality of the backlinks of your website and view the anchor text of the reference pages and domains.

Backlinks checker

Even you can simply create a full report on your website and see the statistics about the effectiveness of your backlinks easily adn effectively. Using this tool you can also analyze the link strategy of your competitors in order to increase your traffic easily.

LinksManagement Features

Here I am going to list out some amazing features of LinksManagement that you surely are going to love as I loved them too.

  • SEO cost calculator
  • Everyone aspires to be on the top on Google for their target keywords. LinksManagement provides a FREE SEO calculator that is capable of giving a full idea of the further link building strategy.
  • 30-50% of the links are added within the content of the page, naturally placed in the articles or in the other relevant content. This is done to make the links that are acquired at LinksManagement look natural to Google and amazingly improve our website’s rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • 100% of the backlinks are placed manually at LinksManagement by the publishers on their websites. This also makes sure that all the link on the website/webpage look natural to Google or other search engines because no automatic script installation code will be used.
  • Heavily filtered link purchasing section
  • Through the heavily filter link purchasing section, one can sort their links in the terms of category, PA, region, outbound links, DA or keyword basis. One can sort their searched links according to the link price or page rank or scan the backlinks.
  • LinksManagement has used a unique technology of analyzing and filtering out the following websites in the inventory:
  • sites, deindexed by Google
  • sites, totally banned by Google
  • sites, link purchasing
  • bad neighborhood sites (sites, linking to other low-quality sites)
  • link farms
  • low-quality sites
  • sites, indexed by Google less than once a month
  • sites with duplicated content
  • sites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • sites with more than 30 outbound links
  • or any other websites, considered as low quality by Google, our customers or us.

Why You Should Consider LinksManagement Tool?

  • Helps In Improving Your Rankings:

With Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and 500 search engines, you can improve your rankings, traffic, and revenue with the help of this platform called LinksManagement.

  • Get DA40-DA100-BACKLINKS:

Your links come from relevant pages with DA40-DA100. Register to see links and prices. Using this platform you just get high domain authority for your website and blog.

  • 8,000,000 Pages:

You can access more than just 8,000,000 pages and select them simply by category, DA, PA, SB Ranking, Country and other filters. And even you can just register to check your inventory.

  • 30,000 VISITORS / MONTH :

Now you can just Increase your site traffic from 10,000 to 30,000 visitors per month and increase your revenue by more than 117% by placing your website in the top 10. You can just use the LinksManagement tool in order to get a quality visitor to your websites and blog.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LinksManagement?

  • A real and active website with traffic
  • 100% of pages in Google Cache
  • Unique C-Class IPs/Location
  • 100% of Pages With High DA
  • Links are surrounded with 500 Characters
  • Analyze the backlinks page before you pay
  • Links are 100% SEO  Friendly for Google
  • Offers Do-Follow Links Indexed By Google
  • Offers no blog comments and forums
  • Has Low Outbound Links <10
  • 20,000 Different website owners
  • Offers full control over the links

Wrap Up on LinksManageMent Review Is it Worth?

Remember backlinks are a crucial factor for search engine ranking and much beneficial if you are targeting the most competitive keywords.

If you want to save time and have money to invest in backlinks then i suggest LiksManagement is one of the best places to buy backlinks.

Use a filter to find the relative websites but i strongly suggest to manually review those sites for the organic traffic as any site owner can manipulate the DA-PA of the website.

I hope this guide has solved the queries of those who are looking at ways of how to buy backlinks.

Last but not least try to grab the $25 bonus on your first time signup when you deposit your $25 in the wallet.

LinksManagement FAQs

What Is LinksManagement?

Basically, LinksManagement is a network, which is one of its kind, designed for SEO experts and bloggers. It offers high-quality backlinks for a cheaper price. It acts as a broker between a backlink buyer and seller.

How much does LinksManagement cost?

The best part about this platform is that you can get started with them for as low as $0.39 and also if you’re looking to buy backlinks from High DA 40+ Authority Website links starting at price of $9.9 per links.

Is LinksManagement Safe For LinkBuilding?

Yes! In a kind of way. We all know that Backlinks are one of the most important rankings factors. So you can go with LinksManagement and start building links as it offers 100% safe links building. You can just give them a try for as low as $0.39.

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