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5-Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Like I said above, there are so many ways to make money on your blog. I am focusing this post on how to make money blogging for beginners. So, this list is not all-inclusive.

It is a starting point to give you a better idea of where you can start when you are ready to monetize your blog. Below is a list of several options that you can test to see what works best.

Above all, my favorite way to make money from my blog is through my own products and services. I have tried every single method below & creating my own stuff is hands-down the best. When I first made the decision to monetize my other blog, Frugal Fanatic, I did it ALL wrong.

Make money blogging

I expected to make big bucks with advertisements. Wow, was I wrong. Not only do you need to have a rather large amount of traffic to make a decent amount of money from ads, but it is also sending your readers away from your blog. Plus, you are promoting other people’s products instead of your own.

Again, I would have a plan in place and decide what your goals are for your blog before you jump in and pick which methods of making money you want to explore. If you are looking to start a profitable blog then I highly recommend the last option on this list.

If you have already tried to make money with your blog and failed, you may want to focus on building your audience and increasing your traffic.

Although you can still make money with a small audience it is good to continues to build an engaged community. I offer a free cheatsheet with the strategies I used to increase my traffic.

Advertisements (Monetization)

This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog in the beginning, but it does not guarantee that you will make a lot of money.

You can place ads from google adsense on your blog, but there are a lot of factors that play into the amount of money you can make from those ads. I say that it is easy because you just copy and paste code, but it is by no means an easy way to earn an income from blogging.

Check out some of these posts to find out how you can get started with google adsense and ways to increase the monthly income with adsense ads. There are other ad companies that you can consider working with as well like, Lijit, Media Nexus and BlogHer.

You can also consider selling your own private ads and work directly with companies that you think would be a great fit for your blog. This cuts out the middle man and can increase the amount of money you make from the ads.

I am currently working with an ad network, AdThrive, who manages the ads on my blog Frugal Fanatic. They do have certain requirements before they will accept you into their program. You can also checky out another ad network called The Blogger Network.

When I started this blog, Simply Blogging Along, I decided that I did not want to put any ads on it. Even though I make a decent income from my ads on my other site, this blog is different and I have different goals for it.

Sponsored Posts

Working with brands to write sponsored posts is another ways to make money blogging for beginners. It is fun connecting with brand to build long-term relationships.

You can work with brands directly by emailing them or you can join networks that will connect you with brands that fit with your blogs. You can read about how to get your first sponsored post and tips on how to get sponsors for your blog.

Before you sign-up with these companies decided on a policy for posting sponsored contents. Figure out how much you will charge & what types of brands you would like to work with. You do not want to work with a brand that has nothing to do with your blog just because they will pay you.

You need to know when to say yes and no because you are building a brand with your blog. Keep in mind that a lot of brands will have specific requirements that you will need to adhere to.

You want to make sure that you are comfortable with their terms before accepting a sponsored post because you may find that you do not have a lot of creative freedom for the article. Plus, many require a certain amount of monthly pageviews or social media followers.

Here are some of the networks I have worked with in the past:

  • Izea
  • Linqia
  • Tap Influence
  • Pollinate Media 
  • Collective Bias

Affiliate Companies

Utilizing affiliate companies to make money on your blog is another simple ways to get started. Once you are signed up with an affiliate company all you need to do is add in their link or banner to your site to start promoting the offers and campaigns.

You can also consider becoming an affiliate for services & even books from other people within you niche. I offer an affiliate program for my eBook and all affiliates receive 50% of the sale.

As a blogger, you do not even need to do a review of the book. You can link it into a relevant post to make money.

Here is a list of some of my favorite affiliate companies to use and read these 40 Tips for Affiliate Marketing.

Again, you want to figure out what types of products you are willing to promote on your blog. I never recommend product that I do not like or use. Your audience trusts you and you need to stay loyal to them as well. Do not place affiliate links into your contents just because you can make a few bucks. Plus, your audience will be able to see right through you.

Promotional Campaigns

You can also makes money by doing promotional campaigns on your social media platforms. There are a few companies that offer paid social campaigns like BlogHer & Clever Girls Collective. You can also directly email companies to offer this type of services.

Just like the other methods to make money blogging for beginners you need to begin by deciding on what you are comfortable posting on your social media accounts. You need to stay consistent with your brand. Every point of contact with your brand has an impression on your audience so you do not want to be posting about products & services that do not relate to your blog.

Products & Services

As a blogger, 1 of the best ways that you can earn an income from your blog is by creating and selling your own products or services. This could be an e-course, coaching, eBooks, handbooks, physical merchandise, & many, many other items.

Not only do you have freedom when it comes to creating your own products to sell, but you are able to help others & provide useful resources while building your brand.

I have created ebooks, print books & even digital downloads. I am currently working on an e-course. I absolutely love the teaching aspect of blogging and I have my MBA so e-courses seem to be the perfect union for me. Plus, you can have a nice semi-passive income with these types of product.

There is no set amount of money you can make from your blogs nor is there a guarantee that you will make a particular amount in a certain time frame. Every blog is different & every blog may charge a different amount. Check out this article to see what 29 experts reveal to be their top monetization tips.

These are all just some ideas to get you started. You can also consider doing reviews, freelance work & paid videos. You just need to figure out what works best with your blog and audience.

Do you have any other suggestions to make money blogging for beginners?

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