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How to Make Money with YouTube Videos 2020

One of the clever way to make money through your videos, if you want to know how to make money on YouTube? How one Video can earn Money for you? Is it possible to make money with my video online?

Yes for your above question, you can earn Revenue by uploading video online. Actually, if you are professional video creator then you are encircled by many ways that will originate revenue online.

I am talking about Google’s most popular video sharing Website YOUTUBE. We all know very well about YouTube.

Make money with YouTube z

Before we get into the Topic, you should have to know some interesting facts about YouTube.

  • Over 900 million unique users visit YouTube every month
  • Over 5 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minutes
  • 70% of YouTube traffic come from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 43 countries & across 60 languages

In 2015, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 170 views for every person on World.

With millions of views being made on YouTube videos each day. Why Google wants to lose their occasion of monetize the videos with Tons of Advertisers (they indeed trust Google),

Because of this that i have listed above, now more advertisers are ready to pay even more money, which they spend for article writing (Blogging) or PPC.

YouTube introduced different advertising options likeInstream

  1. Truview
  2. Homepage Ads
  3. First Watch
  4. Display Ads

Channels & of course Google is watching success in it.

Thousands of people already earning money online from YouTube and why don’t you? The formula is very simple of YouTube money making.

Your Video = Views = Money

So, How to Earn Money Online on YouTube?

Just follow the steps and earn Money with YouTube and if you have any suspicions, you can drop you comments.

Steps to Make Money With YouTube :

1. Upload Videos: YouTube is very strict with their guidelines of copyrighted videos, so you cannot upload any video which already (Copyrighted by someone / label / brand) and earn money with them.

Upload your own videos, Public License Videos.

2. You should get minimum 7k views on your any videos. It’s very easy to reach 10,000 video views.

Upload two videos every day (you can add more if you can). And Share on Face book, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg , Stumble upon.

3. Now you can enforce YouTube Partner program. For more details, you can refer this MoneyConnexion guide.

If you’re invited by Google that your account is conferrable for Monetizing, then you’re practically approved for this program.

4. Now, once your account got approved by YouTube Partner program, then you can visit on Video Manager Tab and Select Video > Click Monetize.

5. When you Upload New Videos, make sure you that you select Monetizing Option & pick suitable ads for your video.

You have to know that, the more views help you to earn more money through your video. It’s easy as Ad sense for Contents.

If you’re channel grown, then you will be paid for Cost per 1000 views (CPM) for your YouTube videos. But at the new you will be enabled for Pay Per Click (PPC)

So more click on your videos make more money for you.

I assume that this article can help new users to earn some money with YouTube.

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