Why Your Blog is Not Making Money Online?

Why Your Blog is Not Making Money Online?

If you are a blogger you may be wondering why your blog is not making money {or maybe it is not making enough money}. There are honestly a lot of reasons why your blog is not making money like other bloggers, but I am going to share with you some of the top problems you can address to start making money with your blog now.

Here are reasons why your blog is NOT making money:

1. You are not engaging with your audience

Building a relationship with your readers is extremely important. You want to stay connected with them and keep an open-ended conversation. Your audience needs to be able to build a relationship with you, and to do this they need to view you as a real person.

The key is to start a conversation. You need to speak to your audience in a language that they understand. Your audience wants to speak their opinion on your articles so make it easy to keep the dialogue going.

You may think this is hard to do since you are not face-to-face, but all you have to do is figure out how you can make a real connection with your readers.

That may be through videos, google hangouts, private Facebook groups, comments, etc. It is easy to hide behind your computer, but it is time to show your audience who you are.

Once you have a loyal audience they will begin to come back to your blog. They will start to trust your opinion and your advice. This is one major factor that comes into play for when bloggers use affiliate marketing to make passive income on their blogs.

If your readers do not trust you then why would they purchase an item that you recommend? Think about it. When a friend recommends a product that they love you are more inclined to try it yourself because you value and trust their opinion.

Homework: Write down how you are interacting with your audience. Do you think your readers feel a connection to you and/or your blog? What can you do differently?

2. Your blog is NOT about you

Even though you are writing the blog and you may even be sharing personal stories and experiences your blog should not be about you. The main focus should be on addressing your audience’s needs and problems. The only way that you can provide real value is by giving them a reason to come back over and over again.

Why Your Blog is Not Making Money Online ?

Writing awesome content is important and it is easy to forget who your focus should be. Your readers need to be number one.

If you can show your readers how or why they need to read your posts than they are more likely to stick around and even join your email list.

I learned this the hard way. In the beginning, I only posted what I thought they would like or what I liked to post about. Then, I would sit and wonder why my audience was not sharing my posts or not returning to my blog.

I needed to provide them with content that they enjoyed and provided real value to their everyday lives.

One way that you can do this is by diving into your Google Analytics. Check out what posts are being shared on your blog. Look at your most popular posts and write more content that is appealing to your readers. Even though this will give you an idea of what posts your reader’s like the most you need to take it a step further.

Who is your ideal audience? What are their interests? By figuring out how your blog can provide value to your readers you are able to learn what works well and what does not work well on your blog.

Homework: Define your audience’s demographics and figure out how you can add value to their lives. Make a list of posts that they would be interested in reading or learning about. What problem can you solve?

3. You are not promoting your blog

How are you currently promoting your blog? You may be writing awesome content and have a well-designed blog, but are still not making any money. Reconsider your promotion strategies.

Promotion does not mean you have to pay for ads, but what are you doing to promote your posts? You need to get your content in front of new readers everyday. You cannot just expect for people to find your articles if they do not know about them. When you hit publish on a post, what do you do? Just posting the link on social media will not get you too far unless you have a ton of followers.

A great way to do this is through guest posting and networking with other bloggers.

For example, say you write an amazing post but you do not have a large audience to read it. What do you do? A great way to spread the word about your post is by having other bloggers help promote it or even write a guest post on another blog relating to that same topic.

By taking the time to promote your blog and your content you are able to get in front of more people who could turn into lifelong readers of your site. Building your readership can help to increase your income each month.

Homework: Make a list of blogs that you can guest post on. Think of blogs who would be relevant to link to your content and also blogs that are relevant that you can link to within your own posts. Figure out a promotion strategy that will get your blog in front of new readers.

4. You are not focusing enough on your email list

Personally, I feel that your email list is like the backbone of your blog. With social media channels constantly changing you never know when it will have a harmful effect on your blog.

For example, say you no longer could reach your audience using Pinterest. How much traffic would you have? I know that it would have a HUGE impact on both of my blogs. This is why I feel that taking the time to build your email list is extremely important. Plus, the people who are on your list have opted to be a subscriber because they like what you have to offer on your blog.

That means that they value your opinion and will be able to build a relationship with you through your emails. I like to keep my emails personal and make sure I am continuing to offer value with free items like printable and special discount codes. I honestly treasure the people who are on my email list and they know it.

Homework: Think of an incentive that will be enticing enough that your readers will want to join your email list. Make it easy for them to subscribe to your list.

5. You are not selling anything

This is one of the biggest things you can do on your blog that will help you to make money. Most of the time bloggers are trying to sell other people’s products and services without having anything of their own.

I can tell you that I shop online a lot, and obviously so do other people. If you are able to come up with a product that is a good fit for your readers by fulfilling a demand than they will be more than happy to purchase it from you. I am not saying to just whip something together just to make money, but take the time to figure out an effective solution to a problem your audience has in their everyday lives.

For example, my blog tabooay is about personal finances. Last year I created a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet to help my audience gain control of their finances. I knew it was something they would enjoy using because it fulfilled a need they had: learn how to save money. Plus, it is something that I personally use and would recommend to anyone. Now, when I talk about it on my blog it isn’t something I am forcing them to buy. I am simply recommending it to help them save more money.

Having several products or services that you can sell to your readers is a great way to make money from your blog. But, keep in mind that you need to have a loyal audience that trust’s your opinion and values what you have to offer or they will feel like they are only being ‘sold’ something.

This also goes back to building your email list. Once you have a decent list you can easily sell your products to them because you have a taken the time to build a relationship with those readers.

Homework: Make a list of products or services that are relevant to your blog and your readers.

Always try to have realistic expectations for your blog. I like to set goals and figure out ways to grow my blog, but in a realistic manner. Again, if you are trying to get rich quick from blogging it just will not happen.

Take each of the tips above and try to focus on one at a time. There is only so much time in a day and you do not want to experience blogger burnout. Each of the reasons will help you to reflect and evaluate your own monetization strategies to help you build a successful blog.

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